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Your content and traffic are too important to risk. Protect yours - Get designplex scure migration & full protection service.

Migrate your website and scan for security vulnerablities

We migrate & scan WordPress sites over 20 times faster with less than 1% downtime. 

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Your website is in safe hands. You can rest assured that all your files will be transferred swiftly and securely, and that your site will be operating without any downtime.

We specialize in a WordPress platform migration of your website from one server to another. This involves moving your website between different hosts or servers.

We are the best in the business and have been migrating websites for over 15 years. Our "Migrate WordPress" service makes it easy to move your WordPress site to another domain or host hassle-free.

We'll take all the pain away from you and make sure that you're never short on files. You'll never have to worry about losing your files again.

Website Migration + Malware & Error Scan in one price.*

* Customers with active website development and maintenance plus plans pay no fees. Price starts at as low as $80 with 30 day money back guarantee on products & services. New customers try our products for 1-3 months free.

Website scan is essential, it saves you money, maximizes data security and customer satisfaction.

Features: Migrate Word Press and full website scan, unlimited pages, website health report, and recommendations.
Advantages: Migrating to our secure, lightening-fast, hosted environment will ensure your website is not only the most functional, but the most secure it can be.
Benefits: You’ll sleep better at night knowing your website is protected against the latest threats.

Malware Scan & Protection

We accurately detect more than 3500 vulnerabilities and uncover plugin vulnerabilities early to automatically deliver security patches to your websites.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our proprietary automation software transfers your entire site safely and securly. You get to keep your site up, running, and your subscribers happy.

Why join Designplex?

We provide 24/7 support, the best website maintenance plans and world-class protection for your online business or blog.

Features: We can turn your present website into a fully responsive, mobile friendly site.
Advantages: Your site will be easier to navigate, and will be more viewable on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
Benefits: Your site will appear more professional and will be easier to use.

Malware & Error Scanning

Our multi-cap fund aims to provide greater long-term returns than the average rate of inflation. A track record of 13.9% over 10 years speaks for itself.

Customer Satisfaction

As an open ended fund you can take your money out at any time. No lock ins and No exit load. However we recommend staying in for the long term.

Designplex Service Advantage

Features: We have partnered with security researchers who discover vulnerabilities in plugins, including Word Press plugins.
Advantages: We provide a free monthly scan to our customers, with the option to upgrade to a weekly scan or on-demand scans.
Benefits: Our process is robust and detect security vulnerabilities before it hits your online business. With 24/7 full technical support you can get help directly from us if you need it.

Infected websites unknowingly distribute malware scripts to others in the webspace

Get peace of mind. Let us help scan your website and make it secure

Your online business protection begins here!
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"A monthly investment of as low as $80 on essential maintenance plan can help protect your online business and enhance your customer satisfaction"